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What is a Domestic Entity?

Before you make decisions, consult with an expert so that you can examine all of your options and choose the best one.

What is a domestic entity?
A domestic entity refers to the jurisdictional selection or domain that you choose for a business entity.

Why does it matter?
Different jurisdiction have different laws and regulations.  If you do business in a foreign jurisdiction, which may mean another state, you may have to pay additional business registrations fees or franchise taxes to a registered agent.

Which jurisdiction should I choose?
You should consult with an expert who will help you make this decision.  You will be asked some of the following questions. Where will you conduct business from the location or bricks and morter aspect? What type of business structure are you choosing? What type of vulnerability and liability is your business exposed to? Is there a more protective or more tax advantageous structure such as an offshore entity?

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