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$144-Million Verdict a Wake-Up Call for Doctors

$144-Million Verdict a Wake-Up Call for Doctors to get Their Asset-Protection Plans in Order
Published: November 18, 2011

Let me ask you the following questions:
1.) Do you have a brokerage account in your own name?
2.) Do you own real estate in your own name?
3.) Do you own any other valuable assets in your own name?
4.) Does your medical practice have any valuable assets?
When I say “own name” that includes having assets owned by living trusts used for estate planning. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you DO NOT have your core asset protection plan set up correctly.
Is it difficult to get an asset protection plan in place? NO! It’s mind-numbingly simple.
Would you like to learn asset-protection planning so you can diagram your own solid asset-protection plan?
Would you like to learn this subject matter and earn Category 1 Certified Medical Education (CME) credits?

Now you can because my Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide has just been approved for 21 hours of Category 1 CME credits.

The retail price of the book and up to 21 hours of CME credits is $150.
Through this special e-mail offer, you can buy this one-of-a-kind book and earn 21 hours of CME credits* for only $100.
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*To earn the CME credits you have to take an online exam.
If you are not so motivated to move forward to learn how to protect your assets, maybe the following $144-million-dollar jury verdict will help motivate you.
Tearful Mother Grateful for $144M Award in Beaumont Birth - Trauma Suit

 - Christine Ferretti and Mike Martindale
The Detroit News
Southfield — Kimberly VanSlembrouck fought back tears Tuesday as she expressed her gratitude for the $144-million jury verdict against Beaumont Hospital that will ensure her brain-injured daughter gets the care she needs for life.
"It's been an emotional time, but we want to thank the people who helped our daughter," the Macomb Township resident said at the Southfield offices of her attorney, Geoffrey Fieger.
"It's not about getting rich. It's helping a poor baby who didn't ask for this."
An eight-member civil jury found the hospital negligent Tuesday after deliberating for three full days following a three-week trial in Oakland County Circuit Court.
The award stems from a 2006 lawsuit filed against the hospital and delivering doctor, Andrew Jay Halperin, on behalf of Markell VanSlembrouck, now 15, who suffered severe injuries and brain trauma at the Royal Oak hospital during birth.
Fieger said the court has appointed a conservator to oversee the funds which will pay for 24-hour care for Markell for about 77 years.
"Her injuries were the worst of any that have negligently been inflicted on an innocent child in the history of Michigan, perhaps the United States," Fieger said Tuesday with Kimberly and John VanSlembrouck and their daughter at his side.
"This innocent child was maimed by the carelessness of Beaumont Hospital, by those who did not care. Only this jury could right these horrible wrongs, and they did."
Beaumont Health System, in a statement Tuesday, said the hospital disagrees with the verdict and plans to appeal.
"We believe we scientifically proved that the child's disabilities are related to a genetic condition," said Bob Ortlieb, a hospital spokesman.
Joseph F. Babiarz, Jr., the attorney representing the hospital and Halperin, could not be reached for comment.
Fieger said the hospital and Halperin were negligent in failing to perform a Caesarean section on Kimberly VanSlembrouck. Instead, the 10-pound, 12-ounce Markell was forced through the birth canal, causing her to suffer a fractured clavicle, hemorrhaging, and severe brain trauma.
"The hospital and doctor have sadly still refused to acknowledge the truth," Fieger said. "They are going to try to portray this as a runaway verdict when it's them running away from responsibility."


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